Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Quiet Christmas Eve

So it is Christmas Eve...and I am home alone with my cat and my Christmas Tree and my beads! It would be perfect if it were snowing!

 I would love to spend some of the day with my family tomorrow, but everyone has so many other family obligations & In Laws to spend the holidays with etc...And my daughter is grown up and has her own home now and my husband is out of town for work this week. So, I am alone here in this huge, spooky, stone mansion...but it's actually quite nice and peaceful.

But my favorite part of Christmas is having a Christmas Tree and seeing the houses all lit up with Christmas Lights! It reminds me of my childhood and driving around the fancy neighborhoods to see all the lights!

I love the idea surrounding this Holiday, and I love the spirit of giving! But I hate the Black Friday consumer crap that it has I don't really participate in all of that. But I do have a tree and we do have lights on the house!

I live in an old Victorian Style Stone Castle (it even has a turret)...Circa 1880. The house is on the National Historic Registry, but the landlords don't take care of it at all. It is definitely falling apart around us, but I still love it! It sits off the road on a 1 acre lot in the middle of the city and is surrounded by trees and a little stone's just beautiful and spooky!

And it has Christmas lights on it! As you drive up our street, you come up over a little hill, and all of a sudden all you can see is our house framed with Christmas lights! And I have always loved to see that, even before I lived here!

I have lived on this street in 4 different houses over the past 20 years and I always wanted to live in this one! Then about 6 years ago, I finally moved in! But this might be the last Christmas I spend here so I wanted to get some pictures of the house lit up at Christmas...

And I have to warn you, these are not great pictures because it's dark outside and I had to try to stand perfectly still to get the extra exposure to take a night time photo (no tripod)...but they are nostalgic photos for me...or they will be one day...haha!

This is the only angle I could get a decent shot, so nothing too fancy. This is the main entryway and the Turret framed with lights:

Obviously I forgot to stand still long enough for that last one...haha! But I like it anyways!

And now I should get back to my beads...I have a lot of projects that still need finishing! But I wanted to share my terrible photos of my lovely Christmas lights...and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope everyone gets some peaceful alone time and some loving family time tomorrow!

And of course I wish everyone plenty of Beading Time!

Merry Christmas!

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