Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Fling Blog Hop

So I am definitely a few days late with my reveal for Amy's Spring Fling Blog Hop Challenge...and I feel terrible about it! With my insane schedule this month I have really had to push myself to meet some deadlines!

But I had so much fun working with this awesome kit and I look forward to doing this again! The colors were definitely a challenge for me as I have never worked with Orange in any part of my life...I don't own anything orange (except for a few beads now) and that's why I chose the orange kit!

Photo courtesy of Amy at Amybeads

I just love the little bird focal bead in this kit and I wanted to frame that with some of the orange Delica I just started with a RAW bezel and then worked a few rounds of Peyote to tighten the bezel around the focal...then I just started adding some embellishments.

First I added a round of the 3mm Fire Polish beads to the RAW base, and then I worked a few rounds of Herringbone off of that round...eventually it started taking shape as a ruffled flowery border around the focal bead. So I kept going with the Herringbone shaping it into a 5 petal 'flower' embellished with the Peanut beads and then I just worked a simple beaded chain off of the focal.

I think I would like to change the chain on this at some point, but being so far behind schedule I needed it to be simple so I could have something completed this weekend!

I met Amy and the other ladies who participated in this blog hop challenge through the Beading Babes group and I have had so much fun beading with all these wonderful ladies from all over the world! I really do look forward to future beading challenges with them!

And coming soon...our Beading Babes Project 4 Reveal...check us out on our new Facebook page that Karyn worked so hard to put together for us!

Here are links to the other participants in the Spring Fling Blog Hop:

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Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Vimala,
Wow I love what you did with the bird bead. It looks like the bird is singing in the sunrise for a bright new day!
Best wishes on your move.

Maryanne said...

I love what you did with the kit, Vimala! That bezel is fantastic!

Kristen said...

Oh this is beautiful. I love orange and it can be hard to play with it if you don't but you should play with it more. Love this!

Amy said...

Vimala - what great use of the kit! I adore this sweet flower you created with the focal. The chain is great too!!
Thank you so much for playing along! I am putting together a new kit very soon!

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Ohh I love what you created... great way to showcase that adorable focal. I like the necklace - the green beads make the chain pop!