Friday, November 15, 2013

Finding my way back

Wow. I can't believe that it's been almost year and a half since I wrote anything in here. That is kind of unforgiveable...but it has been a very long year with a lot going on in my life.

We moved 3 times since April 2012, and not just to a new house, but half way across the country and back...2 different states and 3 different cities! Our current living situation is temporary, so we will be moving again in the near future. All of this has left me with very little time for beading and blogging.

I am hoping to get back into writing here on a semi regular basis, and I really hope to start beading again on a very regular basis...we shall see how it all plays out.

While I haven't had much time with my beads, I have made a few things over the past year. This one is a Herringbone Lariat that I made for my sister...

And I just finished a wrap bracelet on my loom this week, which is kind of a big deal for me. I had such a negative experience in an online bead looming group last year that I haven't touched my loom once since leaving that group (well over a year ago). So it was pretty nice to get my loom out and work on it again!
 Here is my loom extended to its full length and warped for the bracelet:

And here is the bracelet when I first took it off the loom:

I have since woven in all the threads and added the clasp but haven't taken photos of the finished piece yet. It measures around 20 inches without the clasp.
I also hadn't played around with Bead Tool 4 (pattern design software) since I put my loom away so I had a great time creating this pattern and it was very and easy quick to loom.
The idea for the wrap bracelet and the random pattern/design was inspired by my friend Caroline French who has made several of these wrap bracelets on her loom...they seem to be addictive!
I have ideas for several more and even purchased some C Lon beading cord (heavier weight/thicker than beading thread) and can't wait to play with that on my loom!
Other than these pieces I haven't really made any finished jewelry but I have made several random components. I really love Gwen Fisher's Cluster Cube Beads that were in Beadwork Magazine last year and I have made several of those:

And I made a few of these filled netting beaded beads:

That's about the extent of my beadwork this year. But I have been finding more time and inspiration lately, and have found some wonderful beading groups online so I hope to have more to share soon!


The New Mrs said...

Beautiful work! I am glad to see you back on FB. You had given me some great info on Toho beads last yr when I very first started my bead fascination and I had noticed that I had not seen you lately. You are vey talented and your blog has some great info ;-)

Rebecca Brooks said...

You have really beautiful work! :)