Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty Lacy Beadwork

I have spent the week working on a few more pieces that were inspired by the OTTBS March Color Challenge...this is really quite fun and I have finally been using up so many beads that I have in abundance! And that really is the goal of Tackling that Bead Stash isn't it?!

Here is a lacy bracelet called Frankfurter. Design by Sabine Lippert and Beaded by me. Metallic Gunmetal & Matte Metallic Gunmetal seed beads with Swarovski Cyclamen Opal Bicones and Czech Gunmetal Druks for the beaded loop clasp.

And here is another lacy bracelet that I started last week and finished in time for this week's reveal. This one is called Edwardian Splendor. Design by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel and Beaded by me. Metallic Antique Silver and Matte Metallic Pewter seed beads with Purple Luster Czech Fire Polish beads.

The second photo shows this one with the clasp. I used a design by Mikki Ferrugiaro for a Beaded Medallion with a little metal snap sewn on the bottom...I am still working on the other half of this snap clasp!

I also received my eBay package of craft mirrors so I finally finished the Urchin Wings Peacock Pendant. The bezel around the mirror was the easy part! Attaching this to the back side of the Urchin Wings Pendant was a little tricky, but definitely not impossible!

Here is a photo of the mirror side...taken so you can see the reflection of my other hand on the camera:

For anyone else working on this, I have one little bit of advice that worked wonders for me. When you get to the point where you can no longer bend the "Wings" away from the Mirror and easily maneuver in those spaces, it becomes almost impossible to get your needle into the right beads in the Mirror you might be tempted to just go through a different bead in the bezel.

I tried this and it just didn't sit you could almost see the thread (well, I could see the thread) and it didn't feel as secure. So, I un-threaded my needle, then with the eye end of a short Sharp needle, I went backwards through that bead (the one in the RAW part of the bezel) and then threaded the needle again and pulled the thread through! Works like a charm!

I do this often...basically any time where I am working with a really short thread, or in any area where needle movement is know, those spaces where you can't even work with an old, bent-to-an S shaped needle! And using the shorter, Sharp needle is especially helpful in tight spots because they tend to be more rigid than my usual size 12 Pony beading needles!

I finally used up my latest gift certificate from Mikki Ferrugiaro and I think I used it well! I purchased 4 new Tutorials including her latest, Pineapple Lace and I got a set of the Rubberized Beads to use with different Beaded Bezel techniques.

All of the Tutorials are extremely versatile, as always! I am currently using one of the Medallions from the Bracelet Tutorial as a clasp, as seen above.

And the Pineapple's absolutely gorgeous! I am working on a Choker in Bronze...but I am not at a point where I am taking photos those will come later!


Beadwright said...

This turned out so pretty. I have enjoyed your blog as well.

Kristen said...

Beautiful work and awesome advice. Thank you!

Vimala said...

Thank you Nicole...I have enjoyed reading your blog as well and have been admiring your beautiful artistry!

Kristen, thanks again! I love that little trick for tight spots, it works wonders without having to resort to contortionist measures! Haha!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Lovely! You have excellent taste in patterns to bead! :o)

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Thanks so much for the tips on the Urchin Wings mirror. I have just ordered my beads for this one so your tips will come in very handy once I get stitching.

I love your Edwardian Splendour piece too. I have had this pattern for such a long time - it's one of those I have been meaning to create for ages...I think you've inspired me to pull out my pattern again!

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work, beautiful as always.


Emma said...

WOW Vimala! They all look AMAZING!!!

I loooooove the frankfurter bracelet you made in the blacks!

Totes jelly :P lol


Vimala said...

Thank you so much Emma!